Saudi Readymix Platinum sponsors for International Concrete Conference

Saudi Readymix Concrete Company, leading producer and supplier of ready-mixed concrete and related products in Saudi Arabia, is the Platinum sponsor of the 8th International Concrete Conference on Concrete in Hot and Aggressive Environments.

The conference is being organised by the Bahrain Society of Engineers and will be held on 27-29 November 2006 at The Gulf International Conference Centre, Gulf Hotel.

This year's conference will focus on the important issues and problems associated with the use of concrete in hot and aggressive climates such as those experienced in the GCCat large. The conference offers concrete professionals from around the world the opportunity to interact and share issues of concern in the concrete industry in general, highlighting innovative solutions to problems and providing recommendations on how to improve performance.

"Saudi Readymix is participating in this conference for the 8th consecutive time. We are looking forward to meeting and interacting with the industry leaders to discuss the latest developments in concrete technology and to share experiences with them, especially with regards to concreting in weather such as the Middle East's. The conference is also a perfect setting for us to cultivate ties with our peers from the region and around the globe,"

said Willfried Krieg, Saudi Readymix's Technical Director.

Willfried Krieg will be a speaker at the conference and will present a technical paper giving a critical review of a controversial testing method for concrete called "Rapid Chloride Permeability Testing" (RCPT), to the assembled industry leaders. 

Saudi Readymix will also be exhibiting the company's products and services and technical capabilities as part of its participation in the conference. 

"We are very excited to be part of this prominent international conference as it deals with very important issues in the concrete and construction industry of the GCC, in particular, and the Middle East in general," remarked Fadi Mujahed, Saudi Readymix's Marketing Director. 

"As one of the largest ready-mixed concrete producers in the Middle East, we are committed towards the advancement of concrete technology in our region. Several months ago, we held three major technical seminars across Saudi Arabia. We plan to host additional seminars in the future and we will continue to support all efforts and activities that contribute to the development of concrete and add value to our customers and to the industry," he added.

Saudi Readymix operates 19 commercial and 5 on-site ready-mixed concrete stations located throughout Saudi Arabia and has embarked on an aggressive expansion plan to increase its capacity and coverage to meet the growing demand of the industry.