Saudi Readymix Installs GPS Tracking System to Fleet

Company equips its fleet of truck mixers and mobile pumps with an advanced GPS tracking system.

Saudi Readymix became the first ready-mixed concrete company in the Kingdom to integrate this technology into its operations allowing for remote tracking and manage its fleet more efficiently.

Mohammed Abu Zaid, Saudi Readymix's Production & Maintenance Director, commented:

"Time is critical when it comes to the delivery process of ready-mixed concrete because as time passes, the properties of fresh concrete change quickly, causing it to become unusable within a few hours. Integrating GPS technology into our operations gives us greater control over this issue by allowing us to utilize our fleet in the most efficient manner possible."

The new GPS system will be installed in the company's entire mobile fleet which includes more than 350 truck mixers and 110 mobile concrete pumps. Many of the system's numerous applications such as real-time vehicle tracking and two-way messaging will be made available to the company's major clients at a later stage.

Fadi Mujahed, the company's Marketing & Business Development Director, commented on the benefits of the system to customer service saying, "We are continuously searching for new ways to improve the level of our service to customers, and this technology is a very effective tool in this area. For example, the system will enable us to track our vehicles in real time, adjust delivery intervals, record waiting and pouring and loading times automatically, plan routes to avoid traffic, and even plan special delivery requirements - be it huge pours, high-rise pumping, slip-forming, and so on - more effectively. "

Saudi Readymix has been expanding and upgrading its fleet of equipment and has invested more than SR 320 million this year to accommodate plans to establish 6 new commercial and on-site ready-mixed concrete plants throughout the Kingdom in 2007.