Saudi Readymix and Organizing Partners Conduct a Technical Concrete Seminar

Over 500 Delegates Attended the First Annual Event

Saudi Readymix, along with its organizing partners, conducted a technical seminar in three major Saudi Arabian cities; Khobar, Riyadh and Jeddah. The technical seminar, which was spearheaded by Saudi Readymix, is planned to be the first of many seminars.

This year’s seminar is titled, “Performance Versus Perspective Specifications,” P2P for short, and attracted more than 500 key stakeholders in the concrete and construction industries. The success of the seminar comes as no surprise for it was organized by seven globally recognized industry leaders and supported by five highly knowledgeable technical institutions. The organizing partners for the “seminar consists of BASF, Elkem, Exova, Foroc, Grace, Inma Trading and Saudi Readymix.

Seven local and international speakers presented their ideas and experiences on the subject and discussed the latest global trends as several industry professional started to move from prescriptive to performance specifications. In short, prescriptive specifications define the materials and methods-of-placement of the end product. In contrast, performance specifications start with the end in mind; describing the required quality characteristics of the end product, leaving the details about materials selection, proportioning, delivery and placing to the supplier.

The goal of the seminar is to, “Share knowledge and increase awareness on the importance of performance specifications. Such specifications lead to developing the required product, in this case concrete, in the most efficient, least costly and highly eco-friendly way that would meet the performance requirements set by the designer”, said Mr. Fadi Mujahed, Director of Marketing and Business Development at Saudi Readymix.

“For example, a minimum quantity of cement is specified for a concrete mix; say 380 kg per cubic meter for a 35 MPa concrete grade. The concrete supplier may use his experience and knowledge to develop a mix that would meet or even exceed the 35 MPa strength requirements with less cement. This would result in financial savings for the client, delivering a product that meets the requirements, or even exceeds them, and is ‘greener’”, he continued.


One of the most interesting highlights of the seminar was the presentation on eco-concrete, a newly developed concrete in Iceland. The eco-concrete has a strength of 40 MPa but has uses only around 80 kg of cementitious powder per cubic meter, a fifth of what is normally prescribed.