New Monthly Concrete Production Achieved

Saudi Readymix reaches a staggering monthly production of 300,000 cubic meters of concrete in March 2007

To commemorate this achievement, a celebration was held at each station honouring all Saudi Readymix employees for their dedication and contribution to this outstanding milestone.

"This production goal, which was set in the summer of 2006, represents a major achievement for us. To put this achievement in perspective, 300,000 cubic meters produced in a month's time is enough to build 1,000 medium-sized villas, or cover 60 football pitches with a one meter thick layer of concrete!" said Saudi Readymix President, Rami Khalid Alturki.

The construction industry's recent shortages in raw materials have caused delays for ready-mixed concrete companies all over the Kingdom. Saudi Readymix, however, was able to ensure an adequate supply of raw materials to produce enough concrete to reach their goal; using some 105,000 tonnes of cement that required 4,200 bulker truckloads. Approximately 35,000 customer deliveries were made throughout the month which is an accomplishment by itself.

"Producing concrete in volumes such as these presents a number of logistical challenges for any company," said Eng. Mitwalli Arafa, Executive Project Manager at Al-Swaiket Trading & Contracting Co., the company overseeing the construction of the Dhahran Tower, the tallest building in the Eastern province when completed. "Not to mention that the recent industry-wide cement and aggregate shortages have compounded the difficulty of meeting monthly requirements across the industry which only added to the challenges faced by Saudi Readymix. In spite of both of these factors, the Saudi Readymix team was able to ensure a continuous production cycle and meet all of our concreting needs."

"This accomplishment highlights the dedication of Saudi Readymix's employees and the efficiency of our systems. We were able to surmount a number of obstacles to reach this goal. As we always strive to set ourselves apart from the competition, we have now set our sights even higher, and plan to reach a monthly production target of 500,000 cubic meters sometime next year," concluded Alturki.