First Concrete Pour For First Alumina Refinery in ME

Saudi Readymix Completes First Concrete Pour for First Alumina Refinery in the Middle East

Saudi Readymix Completes First Concrete Pour for First Alumina Refinery in the Middle East
Leading the Pack as First to Set Concrete Evidence of Project’s Launch

As the concrete provider for the Ma’aden Alcoe aluminum joint venture, Saudi Readymix completed the project’s alumina refinery’s first concrete pour. The project, itself, and the concrete provided for it are a first in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and only one of the many projects at Ras AlKhair that Saudi Readymix is proud to be a part of.

Ras Alkhair is located 60 kms north of Jubail and is currently under development to rise as Saudi Arabia’s Minerals Industrial City and port. It is being built for utilizing the mineral deposits of phosphate and bauxite found within Saudi Arabia with plans for di-ammonium phosphate (DAP) plant, an aluminum smelter, an ammonia plant, an alumina refinery and facilities to produce phosphoric and sulphuric acid, all which Saudi Readymix is the highly sought after concrete provider for.

The Ma’aden Alcoa Alumina Refinery is being built as the lowest cost, most efficient aluminum complex in the world. To accomplish that, Saudi Readymix’s Technical Department spent months to create the required concrete mixture and import its required components. Once the right mix was created, an on-site factory was set up at Ras Alkhair to best provide the concrete for the project, and others in the region.

Ken Wisnoski, Alcoa Vice President and President of Alcoa’s Primary Products Growth group, at the ceremony marking the first pour said that the joint venture’s commitment to world-class design and low operating costs was apparent throughout the complex.

“Conserving resources is crucial to maintenance of low operating costs and, as with the other facilities within this complex, this refinery has numerous advantages designed to reduce its demand on energy and other natural resources, such as water. We’re pouring concrete today as the foundation for a long-term, highly competitive, low-cost and sustainable operation,” Wisnoski said.