Largest Pour in KSA Successfully Completed

CMA Tower

Successful Completion of One of the Largest Concrete Pours in Saudi Arabia
The Foundations for the Capital Market Authority Tower at King Abdullah Financial District in Riyadh

Saudi Readymix announced the completion of one and half days of continuous readymix concrete supply being poured into the four and half meter deep raft foundation of the Capital Market Authority (CMA) Tower located at the King Abdullah Financial District in Riyadh.

Saudi Readymix supplied 11,500 cubic meters of readymix concrete in a continuous flow of mobile truck mixers arriving on site at an average of one every 90 seconds. In that Saudi Readymix has utilized seven of its factories located in different areas in Riyadh, including its on-site factory at the King Abdullah Financial District project site. 150 truck mixers were mobilized to handle the pouring. Although the estimated time to execute the task was 42 hours, it was completed smoothly and in only 36 hours.

"This was one of the most challenging jobs that we have handled at Saudi Readymix where we have supplied all the required amount of concrete pouring in one continuous pour. To be frank, the volume of the pour was not the issue, we had poured similar foundations in the past; the challenge was the complexity of the concrete mix and the special materials that had to be used, let alone the need to use large quantities of ice to deliver concrete at very low temperatures. This wouldn’t have been achieved without the hard work, commitment, cooperation and dedication of all the involved stakeholders, namely the CMA team, Saudi Bin Laden Group and Al Omraniah & Associates, who worked around the clock and provided all the needed support for the execution process" said Khalid Baghdadi, Managing Director, Saudi Readymix.

"In order to meet with the strict technical requirements and quality standards of this unique and massive project, keeping in mind all the design, testing and delivery challenges, we started working on this pour almost twelve months prior to the execution day. This enabled our team to come up with the optimum concrete mix design after running several tests to ensure its compliance to requirements. We are proud to highlight that the ingredients used for this special concrete mixture were mostly produced from recycled materials which makes the final product an environment friendly Green Concrete. This is the first time that this unique concrete mixture is utilized in Saudi Arabia,” added Mohammed Shaheen, Saudi Readymix’s General Manager in the Central Region.