Al Zoebi Tower

Al Zoebi Tower pour

Leading manufacturer and supplier of ready-mixed concrete and related products, Saudi Readymix, recently finished pouring the top floor in the Al-Zoebi Towers in Al-Khobar. Currently standing at 136 meters, the 32 story office tower is now the tallest building in the Eastern Province, a height that is almost equal to that of the famous Great Pyramid in Egypt.

The tower is classified as a high-rise building, a new and rapidly emerging trend in the Kingdom that presents a unique set of challenges to the local construction industry. During the construction of the tower, Saudi Readymix demonstrated its high-rise concreting capabilities by developing special high-strength mixes and utilizing advanced pumping techniques to achieve this height. In addition, Al Zoebi Tower’s elevator shaft was constructed using “slipforming” which requires a high level of precision in concrete mix design and delivery timings, along with a continuous concrete supply. The building is expected to be completed in the first quarter of 2008.